Laser hair removal


Laser machines offer the most permanent hair removal for women and men. Their effectiveness is based on selective photothermolysis. that is, the absorption of light of a certain wavelength by the hair leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. This is their main difference with photolysis (IPL) which is pulsed light and not laser.


In our clinic, laser hair removal treatment protocols are followed, according to which a anesthetic cream lidocaine-tetracaine is first applied and then a scan of the desired area is performed. The machine emits a triple wavelength laser Alexandrite, Diode and Nd-Yag . The duration of the treatment is 20-90 minutes for each area depending on its extent. Tattooed spots and pigmented nevi are not scanned. After the session, the area is moisturized with cream, so that the mild irritation that is created subsides.


The recurring session takes place three weeks after the treatment, which is free of charge. It aims to treat hairs that were not scanned in the basic session. Hair removal can also be done in the summer, however sun protection is recommended.

Laser αποτρίχωση


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