Breast Αugmentation Μammoplasty

Ideal candidates

Young adult women with small breasts and/or asymmetry who wish natural augmentation in harmonic proportion to their chest wall.

The procedure

Skin incision is placed either in the inframammary fold or in the areola circumference. Even though the first incision is more obvious, the latter is more often complicated with infection of the silicone implant and capsular contracture. In general, I prefer to place the skin incision in the inframammary fold in order to create the pocket either in a subglandular or in subpectoral plane. Dual-plane seems to be an ideal option for the majority of patients. The shape and size of the implant is an issue discussed preoperatively according to your needs and desire. An alternative breast augmentation method is use of fat grafting (lipo-transfer) which creates natural results without the need of alloplastic materials but we can achieve only small or moderate augmentation.




Drains, if needed, are removed the first post-operative day. Antibiotics are prescribed for 1 week and application of a pressure bra is indicated for 1 month.

Ανόρθωση στήθους Θεσσαλονίκη


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