Thread Lift

What are they?

These are absorbable threads, which have small graspers on them and are placed under the skin of the face to re-suspend the facial structures. They are called PDO Cog threads and comprise a minimally-invasive alternative to treat middle-face ptosis, jawls and deep nasolabial folds. I do not place threads to treat breast, arm or gluteal ptosis, because this typically need surgical correction.

The procedure

Under local anasthesia with lidocaine solution I pass under the skin 2-4 threads bilaterally in the face (from the tragus towards the corner of the mouth) to lift the middle portion of the face and achieve natural results.


Patients may experience mild swelling or bruises immediately after the procedure. They may also feel tension for a short period of time, which resolves on its own. Any discomfort is controllable with common pain medication.


There is an immediate effect in facial harmony after the treatment. Deep nasolabial folds, sagging of the face and skin laxity improve significantly. Results last for 1 year.

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