Chemical Peeling

What is it?

Chemical peels are solutions which are placed on the skin with a brush and cause epidermal cell removal in a controlled manner. The ultimate result is a rejuvenated skin appearance.

The procedure

After careful cleansing of the skin, we place the type of chemical peel that we chose according to the patient’s individualized needs and we will leave it in place for 5-10 minutes. The most commonly used peeling formulas are:
Αlpha-hydroxy-acids (AHA):
these are the least invasive type and create smooth and sparkling skin appearance for a few weeks. They do not cause significant side effects, but also they do not improve fine lines or dyschromias of the photodamaged face.
Tricloroacetic acid (TCA):
Its effectiveness on skin penetration depends on its concentration (15% or 35%) and is generally medium (moderate). It is performed in the plastic surgery office and improves fine rhytids, uneven pigmentation and the facial skin quality in general.
Phenol chemical peel (Baker-Gordon formula):
It is a deeply penetrating chemical solution which is performed within the scope of a clinic or hospital. Monitoring of the vital signs is strongly advised during the procedure because arrythmias occasionally occur due to systematic absorption. Anaesthesia may also be indicated to reduce pain and anxiety. Despite all these drawbacks, its effectiveness in patients with stage IV photodamage is impressive.


Post-treatment exfoliation and redness may occur. We stronly advise the application of skin moistourizing agents along with sun protection for a few weeks. Patients with a history of herpes labialis infection are indicated to take antiviral treatment to prevent from a possible outbreak.


• Thinning of stratum corneum with a better reflection of light (sparkling skin)
• Skin tightening, treatment of acne scars and static rhytids
• Alleviation of age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma)



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