Pilonidal Cyst

What is it?

It is a pocket or sac of tissue around a hair follicle on the skin above the tailbone and can form sinus tracts that can be infected and filled with pus (pilonidal abscess).

The procedure

An infected pilonidal cyst or abscess requires surgical drainage. In cases of repetitive infections and difficulty in healing surgical excision of the cyst and reconstruction must be considered. I prefer to use Karydakis technique to reconstruct the defect and place sutures in an off-midline fashion. This has been proven to be as successful as the “open approach” that requires uncomfortable and long-term changes until the wound heals.


Local anesthesia with or without sedation.


Drains are placed for 2-4 days. Sitting down is avoided for 1 week. Sutures are removed after 2 weeks.

Κύστη Κόκκυγος


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