Nefertiti lift | Botox in the neck

Μπότοξ στο λαιμό

Nefertiti lift | Botox in the neck

The famous queen of ancient Egypt Nefertiti has been well-known for her tall and delicate neck. This characteristic is associated with fine beady. Botox injections in neck area is named after Nefertiti, the eternal symbol of neck beauty.

Botulinum toxin (Botox@, Dysport@) is the agent that relaxes muscles by blocking the neuromuscular junctions.  Botox injections in lower face and neck are commonly stated as Nefertit Lift.

The treated muscles

  • Platysma is a thin and superficial neck muscle.When it contracts, there are dynamic wrinkles in the neck like vertical bands. Neck bands are significantly treated with botox injections.
  • Mentalis muscles are located in chin area. They evert lower lip when we dispute or disagree to something. However, they commonly give the skin of chin area the appearance of peau d’orange. At the end, this results in ptosis which is called witch’s chin.
  • Depressors of angles of the mouth (Triangular muscles): their contracture give the appearance of sorrow. In the long term, they cause jowls in the mandible.

We need to inject these muscles with approximately 60-100 IU Botox or 150-250 IU Dysport. “Nefertiti lift” differs from the “Microbotox” technique in the neck area.

Unfortunately, older patients with sagging neck skin cannot benefit from Nefertiti lift. They would preferably undergo surgical correction (platysmaplasty – neck lift) which is associated with significant and long-term results. You may consult yourplasticsurgeon to select the most appropriate technique for your neck.